Smoky Mountain Deliveries

VIP Delivery Service

Our aim is to save you time and reduce delivery fees.

Delivery directly to your hotel, resort or airport is available. Delivery fees are assessed and agreed upon at the time of your reservation. Fees will be determined by distance, number of rental days/number of bikes and current fuel prices.

Maryville, TN is where the shop is located and where deliveries will be coming from.

Delivery within the green circle (10 mile radius from Maryville) is free (delivery Area 1, though we will probably just pick you up and bring you to the shop instead of loading the bike)

Delivery within the yellow circle (30 mile radius from Maryville) is a flat $45 (delivery Area 2)

Delivery within the red circle (60 mile radius from Maryville) is a flat $90 (delivery Area 3)

Any delivery outside of the red circle (Over 60 mile radius from Maryville) is $90 + $1 per mile (contact for pricing)

Delivery pricing is approximate and we have the ability to deliver over a wide area. Please contact us for delivery charges to your specific location.

PLEASE NOTE:  We can’t always deliver your bike. we are a small business and we have to balance the workload to do the best for each customer. If you need a delivery, please e-mail us or call about it so we can look at the schedule to be sure we can fit it into the schedule to make it smooth for everyone.