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A motorcycle ride on the famous Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway, the Moonshiner 28 or the Blue Ridge Parkway is something every motorcycle rider should experience, over and over again. That’s why sportbikes4 was created. is the only full-service, mobile-operated sportbike rental operation in the Smoky Mountains. We want you to experience the great motorcycling of the Smoky Mountains as we do every day, and we are here to help you do just that. Our collection of rental motorcycles has been carefully selected to offer you the two-wheel experience of a lifetime. We will deliver a meticulously maintained bike to your doorstep and have you on your way in minutes to lose yourself in the rhythm of a mountain road that will put a grin on your face and peace in your heart…guaranteed.


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2 weeks ago

This time of year, we have more short notice reservations than spring and fall when we see more riders with trips planned well in advance.

This has made us realize how great a trip you can make out of one day.. We get you out on a bike early with map in hand to spend a great day in the mountains, Breakfast at Deals Gap, see some sights and great roads, and be back at the shop that evening and on your way.

So don't think you need to plan a multi day trip to enjoy the Smoky Mountains by bake, we can set you up for the ride day of a lifetime, with just a day!
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2 weeks ago

We know that often people would prefer to have someone else plan the ride, then show up and ride...
So here's an idea.. late September in the mountains, come rent a bike and explore the roads for a couple of days during the week. We can help with lodging and route ideas.. Then one of our local riding buddies (and all around great guy) is planning a ride to Barber motorsports Museum for Saturday/Sunday: From his post:

"Last fall I tried to schedule a group ride to Barber Motorsports part to visit the museum. I waited till it got too cold. I not going to make that mistake this year. I'm looking at the last weekend in September which is the first weekend of October. If we leave Halls at 6:00 am with the time change we will be there when they open at 10:00 am closing at 6:00 pm. I've made the trip several times and it's 5 hours of interstate running. We will spend the night at the hotel about 5 minutes away from the museum. There's a good BBQ place just down the road for dinner. Sunday you can either run back up the interstate or ride Hwy-11 with me. It will take a little longer, but we have all day. I will check on the room prices and I'm pretty sure the museum is $10.00. Anybody that sees this is more than welcome to come along. If you don't know me now, what better way to meet new people than riding.So, invite anybody that would be interested."

So if you've wanted to ride the Smokies and/or go to Barber, get with us about coming and enjoying both this fall! We can pick you up at the airport and turn you loose for a great ride adventure.
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I would so do this if other factors lined up. This is a sweet plan, maybe next year.

Sounds like a great trip. The Barber Vintage Race and Festival is October 6th,7th,8th. Worth the consideration.

Barbers is an awesome place.

Have you made your plans for watching the total Eclipse? Our event info in the first comment)

Here's some great info! Come on out and watch it with us!


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Did you know that during the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st, you might see SHADOW SNAKES? Eclipses ARE WAY MORE AMAZING THAN I THOUGHT. Shadow snakes, Baily's beads, Diamond Rings, If you know what you're looking for you'll see some CRAZY things. Please share this video!!
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Krystal Estes this video has awesome info! Its where I got the app info!

Chris Brown